The RallySecurity podcast is a weekly episodic show where we cover the latest information security news, hot topics, interview some of the top talent in the infosec community, as well as covering topics like mental health and other self-care concerns affecting the infosec community.

To us, RallySecurity means being active in rallying our community members, helping recover and return to fighting the good fight. Each day brings news of more breaches, vulnerabilities, and bad news. Its easy to succumb to burn out, to get depressed and despondent, to feel hopeless. We wanted a place that we could lift up spirits and have a good time, as well as share knowledge and information with the community.

About the host

Ben Heise

Ben Heise (@benheise) is an information security professional who specializes in performing penetration testing, adversarial (red team) operations, and studying the history, tools, techniques, and procedures of “APTs”. He’s a US Army veteran looking to give back to the community, help others, and make the world a better place. His blog is over at