The Show

The RallySecurity podcast is a weekly episodic show where we cover the latest information security news, hot topics, interview some of the top talent in the infosec community, as well as covering topics like mental health and other self-care concerns affecting the infosec community.

To us, RallySecurity means being active in rallying our community members, helping recover and return to fighting the good fight. Each day brings news of more breaches, vulnerabilities, and bad news. Its easy to succumb to burn out, to get depressed and despondent, to feel hopeless. We wanted a place that we could lift up spirits and have a good time, as well as share knowledge and information with the community.

We record live each week at and then push the episode to our Youtube channel for archiving. In addition to video formats, we also convert each episode to mp3 and release it to several different podcast apps and websites via our RSS feed.

We launched the show back in July of 2016 wanting to do a couple things. We saw Twitch as an interesting platform for creating and sharing content with the security community. Other security shows also have video content, but none really embraced the Internet of Memes to its fullest potential. We’ve all attended security conferences and had really productive conversations at the bars. We wanted to bring in other opinions and try to host those bar conversations, as well as allow a large number of folks to both listen in and contribute to those conversations.

About Us

Ben and Tony (DA_667) started the show back in July of 2016, and its been action packed, nonstop lulz since. We were excited to add Danny huge personality and keen observations in early October of 2016, and after having OscarOn as a guest, decided we had to have him on as a co-host. MzBat first appeared as a guest, and her invaluable insights and analysis was a welcome addition as she agreed to be a co-host. Ajediday has been in our chat for every episode since day one, so we made him our chat moderator and meme connoisseur.

Ben Heise (@benheise) is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in performing penetration testing, adversarial (red team) operations, and studying the history, tools, techniques, and procedures of “Advanced Persistent Threats.” He has led several military and professional tournament teams for international cyber exercise events.
Oscaron (@oscaron) is a systems and network administrator but considers himself ‘just an IT guy’. His hobbies include salvaging parts from dead electronics, starting projects he will never finish and researching Applied Chaos Theory and Memetic Studies on social media.
Bat (@mzbat) may or may not allegedly be a Fed (though if she were a Fed, her opinions would not represent the views of the Federal Government). Her background is in Infosec, Incident Response, Security Policy, and Penetration Testing. She is an avid admirer of Chiroptera and is a connoisseur of comic books and video games.  
​Ajediday {A-jedi-day} (@ajediday) currently employed as a Senior System Administrator by a Fortune 500 company. In a past life he controlled battalions of robot vehicles. Maker, breaker, and fixer of things. Constantly on the quest to learn how things work (or don’t). Moderator of the Rally Security chat. Also makes stickers.
Jake Williams is the founder of Rendition Infosec and a senior instructor/course author at the SANS Institute. In his free time (what was that again), he enjoys breaking software and wrangling malware. *Jake absolutely does *not* speak for the SANS Institute