Here at RallySecurity we appreciate folks who are working hard, creating resources, and sharing with the community to help improve security and drive understanding of the technologies that we all use or are affected by. Lots of us use, watch his conference talks, watch videos of his conference talks, or receive mentorship and advice from Sean Metcalf. For his work in the field, we’d like to award him the first ever RallySec MVP. We only wish we could do more to thank Sean for all his hard work.

Sean is one of about 100 people in the world who holds the elite Microsoft Certified Master Directory Services (MCM) certification. Furthermore, he assisted Microsoft in developing the Microsoft Certified Master Directory Services certification program for Windows Server 2012. Mr. Metcalf has provided Active Directory and security expertise to government, corporate, and educational entities since Active Directory was released. His company, Trimarc Security, provides security consulting services to customers with large Active Directory environments and regularly posts useful Active Directory security information on his blog, Follow him on Twitter @PyroTek3