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Guest Interview:
-Tell us about yourself LiveOverflow?
-How did you (LO) get your start in infosec?
-How did you get started in CTFs?
-(Each co-hosts background/story/history)
(LO) If there is time, I’d really like to hear your opinions and experiences in respect to infosec education. How it helps or not help in your area of industry for jobs, personal development, etc…
Is formal education useful? Did you do general CS or special security degree?
Any trainings done at e.g. conferences
How about Certifications? CISSP, Network+, CEH, OSCP, …
Did you learn from books? Blogs? Forums? IRC?
Local meetings/hackerspaces?
Ever played CTF/Wargames?
How do you stay up to date or learn new skills? Especially now that you are not a beginner anymore. Any secret tip?
-Upcoming CTFs (CCDC, etc)
-What is an infosec resource that not many people seem to know of?
-Upcoming conference presentations?
Fun questions:
-What do you do for fun?
-Would you rather fight 100 duck sized HDMoore, 1 horse sized HDMoore, or Option C, and why?